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Driving school raleigh nc

Driving School Raleigh NC

Holloway Driving School in Raleigh NC and surrounding area teaches the best practices for new drivers. We teach people how to drive and stay alive. Texting and driving is illegal and dangerous.

You Can Drive and Go New Places

You can learn the skill of driving from our professional instructors. Enjoy the open road and go places when you are in control. Call us and let us answer your questions!



Teen Driving

It is critical that teens are instructed fully and thoroughly because of the high number of teens involved in crashes. Mentally they have often picked up poor attitudes and habits that they have acquired from their parents and others whom they have observed driving.  

In some instances it is not a good idea for love ones to teach each other to drive because poor techniques and bad habits can be easily passed along.

It is the pledge of Holloway Driving School to teach proper techniques and instill within the student the awesome responsibilities of driving.  

We will introduce the IPDE Process and teach students how to see, think and react to “cues” given in different traffic situations.

The IPDE Process teaches confidence to drive in all traffic conditions.

The IPDE Process teaches confidence to drive in all traffic conditions.


IDENTIFY-problems or situations

PREDICT-what might happen

DECIDE-on a safe action or solution

EXECUTE-carry out the action or solution

Instructor side brakes for safety!

“My teaching experience allows me to preempt mistakes that students are likely to make during training.”   – Leroy Holloway, owner 

Many teens are excited to learn how to drive a car. You can begin drivers education classes at our driving school at 14 1/2 years old. You will take an eye exam during the classroom portion of driving classes.  

The exam will be completed by a representative from the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles.  North Carolina has a graduated license program take can begin at age 15.

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