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Driving school raleigh nc

Driving School Raleigh NC

Holloway Driving School in Raleigh NC and surrounding area teaches the best practices for new drivers. We teach people how to drive and stay alive. Texting and driving is illegal and dangerous.

You Can Drive and Go New Places

You can learn the skill of driving from our professional instructors. Enjoy the open road and go places when you are in control. Call us and let us answer your questions!

Driving Schools In Raleigh NC

Driving Schools In Raleigh NC

Driving schools in Raleigh NC are the best way for you to learn how to drive.  Holloway offers personal hands-on-training to adults who are new to the country and need help to pass the drivers license examination test.  We have helped many people to achieve confidence in driving on 2 lane highways and Interstate highways with 5 lanes of traffic.  It can be scary but we understand how you feel.  We can teach you how to overcome fears and drive safely.

Adult Driving Instruction

Holloway is one of the best driving schools in Raleigh NC because we have helped many adults discover the joys of driving.  Our clients now drive to the mountains and the beaches without hesitation.  Their confidence is renewed and they drive everywhere on their own.  Driving is a privilege and a freedom.  Call us and lets talk about a program that will suit your needs.

Driving Schools In Raleigh NC

Did you know that some people from the U.K. say we Americans drive on the wrong side of the road?  Most people can drive acceptably on our American roads but they say their understanding of our road signs needs a bit of help.  It seems our directional signs are different for the ones in the United Kingdom and in many Eastern countries.  If you need a refresher course to drive in America, you have come to the right place.

Driving Schools In Raleigh NC

Driving Schools In Raleigh NC

Holloway Driving Schools In Raleigh NC

Some driving schools in Raleigh NC only specialize in teaching high school teens.  Holloway Driving School offers a full service to immigrants who need personalized driving instruction.  We are pleased to say that we have taught many adults how to drive and pass the driver’s examination successfully.  You will find our instructors courteous and intuitive to your needs.  We know where you want to go and we know how to get you there.  Every day that you drive with our instructor will make you more and more self-confident.  You will finish the driving course with a complete understanding of the road signs and the Rules of the Road.




Driving Schools in Raleigh NC