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Driving school raleigh nc

Driving School Raleigh NC

Holloway Driving School in Raleigh NC and surrounding area teaches the best practices for new drivers. We teach people how to drive and stay alive. Texting and driving is illegal and dangerous.

You Can Drive and Go New Places

You can learn the skill of driving from our professional instructors. Enjoy the open road and go places when you are in control. Call us and let us answer your questions!

Adult Driver Training

Adult Driver Training

Adult driver training is our specialty.  Many adults that have never driven before because of various reasons are given special attention at Holloway Driving School.  

They may be new to the United States or may have migrated from a mass transit city within the United States.  They tend to be apprehensive in the beginning but develop into excellent drivers.

Adult driver training has been very successful.  Our mature learners need a little more practice but very soon the reflexes and coordination can match or exceed drivers much younger than them. Some amount of nervousness is natural for adult drivers and is a good thing because it keeps you alert.

Adult Driver Training Includes Practice and Preparation

Adult Driver training teaches more than driving.  Adult driving classes consist of additional instruction.  Experience has shown that when adult drivers practice, they do well. We expose you to a variety of real-world what-if situations and prepare you for all kinds of events on the road.  It is called the IPDE Process.

Adult Driver Training

Adult Driver Training

IPDE Process

Identify– problems or situations

Predict– what might happen

Decide– on a safe action or solution

Execute– carry out the action or solution


We teach you how to identify problems on the road ahead of time.  You will learn how to anticipate what other drivers are doing in advance. 

Different situations can arise when traffic is interrupted  and it is helpful to proceed cautiously.  What will you do if an animal runs into the road?  Will you slam on the brakes and cause a chain reaction behind you?  Will you slow down and “tap” your brakes to alert the drivers behind you? 

These are scenarios that we will employ to help you predict what might happen and then decide on a safe driving response.  After you execute your plan of action the safety threat will be over and you will proceed on your way.


Adult Driving Classes

Adult driving classes in Raleigh NC and the surrounding areas is offered by appointment.  Please contact us for a conversation about your needs.  We are confident that we can teach anyone to drive and pass the driver’s examination test.




Adult Driver Training Raleigh NC