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Driving school raleigh nc

Driving School Raleigh NC

Holloway Driving School in Raleigh NC and surrounding area teaches the best practices for new drivers. We teach people how to drive and stay alive. Texting and driving is illegal and dangerous.

You Can Drive and Go New Places

You can learn the skill of driving from our professional instructors. Enjoy the open road and go places when you are in control. Call us and let us answer your questions!

Serving the Triangle area and Johnston County

Holloway Driving School

Holloway Driving School understands your reasons for getting a drivers license.  Driving is a very liberating experience most people look forward to. Driving requires that certain skills be developed to drive safely on the streets, roads and highways of this nation.  

In the Triangle the mass transportation system is inadequate, making driving a necessity and a pleasure but also a means of getting from Point A to Point B in an efficient manner.

Holloway Driving School Teaches Defensive Driving Skills

Holloway Driving School realizes that training can help a new driver negotiate the growing network of streets, roads and highways safely and skillfully.  Our travel corridors are filled with many hazards a driver must be aware of such as:

*Drunk drivers

*Inattentive drivers

*Aggressive drivers

*Road and weather conditions

*Road rage

*Discourteous drivers

 Holloway Driving School Serves All of the Research Triangle Area

It is the goal of Holloway Driving School to teach the necessary skills to make sure our clients all know about defensive driving.  It can make the difference in a situation between losing control and maintaining safety while you are on the highway.

Defensive Driving

Learn Defensive Driving

Defensive driving begins with awareness of your surroundings.  Awareness begins inside your car.

Once you understand the need to be alert while driving, your eyes will take in more information automatically.  Our instructors teach you how to scan the road and where to look.  That includes the traffic coming up behind you.  One smart maneuver can prevent a lifetime of injury.  Driving is a joy…and it is serious business when you are going fast. 

What would you do if you were coming over a hill and suddenly the afternoon sun is right in your eyes?  You cannot see anything because the sun is blinding.  Do you pull over on the shoulder until you can see again?  Do you proceed driving but keep the speed below 30mph? 

What would you do if you were coming over a hill in the winter and you see a sheet of ice on the road and cars sliding all over the bottom of the hill?  Do you downshift and pump the brake gently?  Do you slam on the brakes and cut the wheel in the direction of the shoulder?  Do you text a photo to your friends and ask them what to do?  Timing and positioning can make a difference in where your car will stop.

Would you like to know the correct answers to these questions and more?  That is why Holloway Driving School was founded.  We are here to help new drivers understand how serious automobile safety must be.  It is worth a week of driver training to assure a lifetime of safe driving.

Defensive driving skills are taught to all of our students..
We serve the Wake County, Johnston County and the entire Triangle area!


More than 27 years teaching experience!

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Holloway Driving School